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Wagashi kit - Nerikiri

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What is WAGASHI ? Wagashi is one of the Japanese traditional confectioneries, that is served with Japanese green tea. People feel a sense of the new season when they see Japanese-style confectionery. Japanese sweets are typically made of rice, wheat, red bean paste, and sugar etc. Nerikiri is one of the most popular Wagashi for the Japanese tea ceremony. Nerikiri can be shaped and colored freely. Nerikiri often used to express the beauty of nature. Nerikiri =a blend of white bean paste Let's make the Nerikiri (sakura) This kit makes it easy to cook Japanese sweets. [Content] Anko(sweet beans), granulated sugar, * It is for 2to 3 servings. [Expiration date] 1 week refrigerated from date of shipment 1 month frozen ※Postage is actual cost (about 700 yen in Kanto with cool)

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